All rooms conveniently located on one level. Suites equipped for physically disabled. Private and semi private available.

Our home is “Bungalow style” all conveniently on one floor allowing residents to exercise their independence when moving around.   All rooms have been recently renovated and improvements never stop at Camilla.

Enjoy a private room to yourself or the comradery of sharing one with a friend.  Both options offer you the space for family and friends to visit.  Each room is equipped with a 4 piece in-suite bathroom, and a spacious closet.  For your comfort, heat is individually controlled by you in your room.

For your safety and peace of mind a monitored emergency call system and fire safety equipment are in each room. The entire residence supports wheelchair accessibility.

No matter what room type you chose, make it your home with personal furniture and pictures.

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What are you waiting for? Come in today for your private guided tour of Camilla Gardens. Visit our newly renovated facilities, amenities and rooms. Talk to our friendly, dedicated staff. Imagine yourself in this library. You're going to like it here! 

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